365 App Quick Start Guide

A great place for new 365 by Prospera users to learn how to get started!

This article is for users who are new to 365 by Prospera. 365 brings farmers advanced technology for remotely monitoring and controlling irrigation with single sign-on access to Insights, Scheduling, VRI, and Machine Diagnostics.


Step 1: Download the 365 app

Step 2: Log in

Step 3: View your devices

Step 4: Monitor and control devices

Other sections of 365


Step 1: Download the app

Download the 365 app on your smartphone using the links below, or search for "365 by Prospera" in the Apple or Google store, then download.


Step 2: Log In

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Open the app and enter the username and password your dealer provided. You may also log in with AgSense, Valley VRI, or Insights by Prospera account information. If you haven't received login credentials, please contact your dealer. 


Select the Remember Me checkbox so you don't have to re-enter your username and password the next time you open the app.

Subscription Required

365 requires a subscription to log in. Existing AgSense, Valley VRI, or Insights users may log in using those credentials. The app requires a service purchase and initial dealer setup. For access, contact your Valley dealer.

Step 3: View Your Devices



When you open the app, you'll see all of your connected devices and their status information. All devices are shown by default. At the top of the screen, you can toggle between list view and map view by GPS location. 

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You can click on each device to see data and control your equipment. Depending on the device type, controls include:

  • Request reading
  • Start and stop
  • Direction
  • Pumps (water, chemical, and fertilizer)
  • Stop in Slot (SIS)
  • Speed
  • Cruise Control

You can use the buttons along the top to view controls, graphs, and readings, or the three dots to view info and configuration tabs. 

Step 4: Monitor & control devices

Now you are all set to monitor and control your devices! Here are some of the most common controls in 365. 

Turn your pivot on or off

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  1. From the main screen, select the three horizontal dots that appear to the right of the device that you want to control.
  2. Start a pivot by pressing the play arrow that appears inside the green rectangle.
  3. Stop a pivot by pressing the stop square that appears inside the red rectangle.
  4. Press Send to execute the command.

Change pivot direction

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  1. From the main screen, select a pivot and scroll down.
  2. Use the direction toggle button to change the direction of a pivot, FWD = forward; REV = reverse.
  3. The app displays the message “1 Pending Command” until you press Send to execute the command.
  4. To display the command details, or to Send or Cancel the command, press the downward-facing white arrow inside the BLUE tab.

Save Stop-in-Slot (SIS) angles

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  1. From the main screen, select a pivot, then scroll down.
  2. Tap the input box next to SIS, then enter the exact angle where you want your center pivot machine to start/stop.
  3. Press Save SIS. The star to the left of the text changes to solid blue.
  4. Click the field below the SIS field to see your saved settings. 
You can save up to five SIS angles.

Other Sections of 365

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365 leverages the combined strengths of multiple apps to give you all the information you need to plan and execute irrigation plans.

By using the field icon at the top right of the app, you can alternate between these tabs for groups of devices.

Forecast & Plan

Forecast & Plan is powered by Scheduling by Prospera. Subscribers can use this section to view data on soil moisture, crop type, stage of development, and automatically updated weather information. You also get easy-to-understand irrigation recommendations based on real data from your fields.

Optimize & Apply

Every field is different. Even within fields, there are variations in soil type and topography. Subscribers to Valley Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) can Optimize & Apply water based on field-specific irrigation prescriptions. Plus, as more restrictions on water use go into effect, VRI helps conserve water and apply only where and how much is needed.

Alerts, Insights, and Support

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You will see these tabs along the bottom of the app. Alerts provide actionable insights for your operation.

If you subscribe to Irrigation Insights or Plant Insights, the Insights tab connects to your Insights app account.

If you need support, contact your dealer or reach out to our support team at 1-888-223-0595, Option 1.