Setting Up AgSense Quick Alerts

New Alerts: More Info and Easier Setup

We recently updated the AgSense Mobile App to provide more detailed alerts that are quicker and easier to set up. Users can now receive SMS messages or emails detailing what’s happening with pivots.  



Setting Up Alerts

To set up alerts, visit the web version of AgSense and click on Alerts. 


Quick Alert Settings

First, choose a profile. All the selections you make are specific to the profile you select. Either select an existing profile from the drop-down menu or choose a blank space to set up a new one. 

For each profile, you can select whether to receive alerts via text or email. Use the “send test message” link to ensure you entered the correct contact information. You can choose whether or not profiles receive alerts with a single button. 

Quick Setup: Pivot Alerts

Use the checkboxes to select the alerts you need to manage irrigation effectively for your ICON panels and Commander VPs. Options include:

  • Unplanned Stops
  • Planned Stops
  • Starts
  • Power On
  • Power Off

New, More Detailed Notifications for Planned & Unplanned Stops

Based on grower feedback, more detailed pivot stop alerts are the most important improvement to AgSense. When your pivot stops, you’ll get more detailed notifications. Here are some examples:

  • West Field | Planned STOP: SIS | Pos: {x}, Pres: {x}
  • East Field | Unplanned STOP: High Water Pressure | Pos: {x}, Pres: {x}

For Field Commanders, you can set up the following bulk alerts:

  • Stops
  • Starts
  • Power On
  • Power Off

To configure alerts for other types of devices or customize for specific pivots, go to the Advanced Alert Settings tab.

Planned Stops

When you enable planned stop alerts, you’ll get a notification when your pivot executes a command, stops in slot, auto stops, completes its program, finishes daily ops or reaches a transition point. 

Unplanned Stops

When you turn on unplanned stop alerts, AgSense will notify you about over 20 different errors - including flat tires, tower misalignment and other issues. Notifications include a GPS tag, so you know exactly where the issue is. 


Save Your Alerts

Once You’ve selected your alerts for a profile, make sure you click save. You have now set up the improved AgSense alerts!