Detecting Underdeveloped Areas of Your Field with Plant Insights

Learn how to quickly detect underdeveloped canopies with Plant Insights

Today, getting a high-level view of your field requires standing on your pickup truck or climbing a pivot pole. There’s an easier way. 

Canopy cover reports

Plant Insights provides you with ongoing field- and acre-level monitoring of your crop status.

Canopy cover reports allow you to quickly detect underdeveloped areas in the field and help you act faster to maintain optimum development to meet your yield goals. Plus, closely tracking growth stages using these reports enables you to time your applications better.

Whether it is due to poor drainage, crop injury, or a newly introduced seed variety, slower canopied areas often indicate poor conditions.

Use the report’s image gallery to remotely investigate underperforming acres or the Navigate to location button (found below field images in the mobile app) to go directly to these spots and save time in the field. 

Canopy Cover Reports_plant-insights


Plant Insights canopy cover reports will be available to you even after harvest so that you can leverage this information to better plan your off-season practices and next year's management.

Learn more about the Plant Insights canopy cover reports in this short video.