Detecting Disease Early with Plant Insights

Learn how to detect disease early to protect your crops

As the season progresses, various diseases threaten your crops and your potential yields. Detecting the very early signs of foliar diseases can help you save application costs while reducing the risk of yield losses. 


Using thousands of leaf-level images, Plant Insights serves as another set of eyes, spotting diseases earlier, especially when the crop becomes too tall and dense to scout easily.

Use disease reports to decide if you need to adjust your fungicide applications and assess treatment efficacy. 

Every day counts when it comes to diseases like tar spots and rust; timely detection and application will save you bushels come harvest time. 

Share reports (or notifications) with your crop consultant or scout to make sure hotspots receive the required attention.

The Navigate to location button (found below field images at the bottom of the screen in the mobile app) will direct you to the exact point where the image was taken so that you can go directly to infested areas.