Detecting Pests with Plant Insights

Know the exact location of pests and track your treatment progress

As your seed treatment residuals start to break, you’ll want to pay close attention to pest populations in your field. 

Plant Insights provides detailed maps of pest populations and the damage caused. Many factors influence which pests will prey on your crops, including:

  • planting date (early or late)
  • crop rotation management
  • weather conditions
  • weed management
  • neighboring fields

The Plant Insights pest report will show you when populations are starting to build and their week-by-week progression to help you assess their actual damage. 

The information provided from one field allows you to predict what’s going to happen in nearby fields. For example, use Plant Insights to reduce the risk of pests moving from a mature field to a late-planted field.



Learn more about the Plant Insights pest report in this short video.