Service Levels for Field Commanders

A breakdown of available Field Commander service levels and which functions each level supports.

There are two different Field Commander devices available:

  • Field Commander
  • Field Commander Lite
Field Commander devices have three service levels available. Field Commander Lite devices offer two service levels.

Field Commander Service Levels

Field Commander devices support three different service levels. Each level allows for more functional pivot control with an increased yearly subscription cost. This a la carte method allows customers to select a level that supports the functionality they want without paying for other features they don't.

  Pro Enhanced Basic
Monitor X X X
Start* X    
Stop X X X
Change Direction* X    
Control Speed X X  
Control End Gun X X  


The Pro service level offers complete remote control of a pivot's core functions. It supports the following functions: Monitor, Start*, Stop, Direction Change*, End Gun Control, and Speed Control.


The Enhanced level supports the following functions: Monitor, Stop, Speed Control, and End Gun Control.


The Basic service level supports Monitor and Stop functions for a pivot.


* Start and Direction Change functionality is not supported on all pivots. Refer to the Field Commander Installation Manual for information about how to test these functions.


Field Commander Lite Service Levels

The Field Commander Lite has two service levels.


The Basic service level supports Monitor and Stop functions for a pivot.


The Monitor service level only supports Monitor functions for a pivot.


Some wiring changes may be required to change service levels. To change service levels, contact Support at 1-605-352-8350.