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Irrigation Insights Quick Start

A great place for new Irrigation Insights users to learn how to get started

This article is for users who are new Irrigation Insights customers. If you want to learn how to subscribe to Irrigation Insights, see How to subscribe to Irrigation Insights.

Step 1: Confirm your field set up

On a computer browser, go to Prospera.ag/fm, our Field Management tool.

You must use a browser from a laptop, desktop or tablet to manage your fields and subscriptions. It is not available on mobile.

Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 4.07.34 PM

Use your existing AgSense/365 username and password to log in. If you don't have an AgSense/365 username and password, use the credentials you received from your dealer.

You'll see all of your Irrigation Insights fields and their subscription status.

Home Screen - New main table (1)

Step 2: Download the Insights by Prospera app

Download the Insights by Prospera app on your smartphone using the links below, or simply search for "Insights by Prospera" in the store.


Step 3: Log in

File (17)


Open the app and select Login with your phone number.


File (18)


Enter your number and press Send me the code and you'll receive an SMS message with a confirmation code. 


Enter the code when prompted to complete logging in.


Step 4: Confirm your settings



Press the gear icon on the lower right of your screen.

You can update your settings for how you'd like to receive notifications. We recommend SMS messages so you'll know right away if there's an irrigation issue detected in one of your fields.


Step 5: View insights

My fields


Press My Fields for an overview of all of your subscribed fields.

Select any field to view imagery and insights you've received.


Insight page - half scroll


New insights provide a full description of the potential irrigation issue and allow you to take action.