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Irrigation Variability Report

Get a clear understanding of applied field irrigation variability by angle.

What is the Irrigation Variability Report?

The Irrigation Variability Report provides you with a clear understanding of your irrigation uniformity or variability in your fields.


What data is used to generate this report?

Each field is divided into 10° sectors. For each sector, you’ll see the average amount of irrigation applied during the report’s timeframe based on data we have in the app:
  • Pivot’s actual movement (tracking via GPS location)
  • Flow meter data when present.
  • Device values as configured in the app (flow rate/estimated flow, full runtime, and pivot length)
  • We also track the pressure transducer’s configuration and readings, as they are required to identify irrigation events.
  • Sectors with irregularly high water application are highlighted in red and excluded from the inches applied legend displayed at the bottom.
To ensure your reports are as accurate as possible, check your configuration values for each device in AgSense or 365.

Why is my report data unavailable or inaccurate?

There are a couple of reasons you may see missing or inaccurate data in your report:
  1. Missing irrigation configuration: We're unable to generate data for your report if your device’s irrigation configuration is missing. Learn how to update your device configuration settings.
  2. Missing hardware and/or configuration: You must have a properly installed and configured pressure transducer and other pressure sensors in order to receive report data. Learn how to configure pressure sensors.
  3. Graphic misaligned with map: If your pivot center latitude or longitude settings are off in AgSense or 365, it can impact the angle data and graphics. Please update your device configuration settings. 
If you have verified that your device configurations are correct and you are still experiencing issues with your report, contact our Support team for assistance. We are here to help you resolve your concerns.
If you update your device configuration settings, you can regenerate the report to see updated data. 

How should I use the information in this report?

This report can help you identify fields that need irrigation adjustments or provide peace of mind to confirm your irrigation is uniform when applying flat rate irrigation and to ensure that your VRI tables are running the way you'd like them to, based on your fields' needs.

What should I do if I have unintended non-uniform irrigation?

  1. Check if your field's physical conditions affect the machine’s movement.
    1. Field topographical conditions
    2. Slow movement due to tire slippage.
  2. Ensure that your irrigation plan is up to date based on your current crop growth stage/soil infiltration capacity etc.
  3. Check for possible mechanical issues, such as consistent speed and drive issues. Contact your dealer to help identify underlying problems. 

What can I do to ensure optimal field irrigation and application of chemicals?

  • We recommend using your panel's cruise control when applying fertilizers or chemicals. Cruise control will change your machine speed to hit a target time for completing the application.
  • Flat rate irrigation is a constant speed setting that is based on a desired application depth. If slippage affects the time for the pass, it will still attempt to travel at the same speed.
  • Speed VRI (speed tables) can help adjust your application based on topography and soil types, for example.  

If you have more questions or have a technical support issue, our team is available Monday – Friday, 7:00 am – 10:00 pm CT 

Call 1-605-352-8350 or 1-888-223-0595, Option 1.