How to Better Manage Weeds with Plant Insights

When it comes to weed management, timing is everything. Learn how Plant Insights can help you combat weeds in your field.

The Plant Insights weed report provides a detailed infestation map of weed populations. Tracking your weed control efforts helps you get the most out of your herbicide treatment program.

Each weed report contains both an aggregated view of all weeds in your field and a per-class view (grasses & broad leaves) to allow better chemistry selection. 

You’ll probably want to check those red dots on the Plant Insights field map, as they represent highly infested areas in your field. (Each dot in the report represents one acre.)


Browsing the image gallery in the app can help you classify your weed populations and make sure those weeds have not passed the recommended height for herbicide application.

You can also use the Change from the last report data to monitor the efficacy of your treatments easily.