How to Assess Your Field Stand with Plant Insights Emergence Reports

Emergence reports from Plant Insights can help you assess your stand counts

The Plant Insights emergence report provides field- and acre-level stand counts.

Early assessment of your field stand can direct your scouting efforts and help you make more informed management decisions.

Underperforming acres should be checked for:

  • soil crusting
  • compaction
  • seed rot

Another important goal in stand establishment is for all plants to emerge at about the same time. Plant Insights provides valuable information on stand variability (in space and time). A slow crop will usually result in increased variability and potentially lowered yield. Having the right tools to assess any potential yield penalty will allow more informed replanting decisions.

If your Plant Insights field map is all green, you might even want to skip a trip to the field. 

Emergence report (in frame)



Learn more about using the Plant Insights emergence report to gain stand count information in this short video.