How Parameters Sync Between an ICON Panel and the 365 App

Improving how parameters sync

For better consistency, we are improving how parameters sync between the 365 app and ICON panels. Previously, different parameter values were displayed between the panel and the apps — updating parameters in one place did not update the other. 

Phase 1 Improvements

The following pivot parameters will sync between the panel and the 365 app in Phase 1:

365 App Panel
Full Runtime Revolution per hour at 100%
Flow rate (GPM) Min. application depth

Future improvements will include:

  • An improved sync process for AgSense web (Wagnet) and AgSense mobile app
  • Additional parameters
  • Linears

If one of these parameters does not match between the app and the panel, you will see a Panel Config Mismatch indicator on a device in your list like the one shown below.

365 app device configuration mismatch

How to Resolve a Panel Configuration Mismatch

You can resolve a mismatch in the 365 app or in the web app at


  1. Select the device with the Panel Config Mismatch message. 
  2. Press the red Configurations link in the message to view your device configuration screen. 
  3. Find the parameter marked with an asterisk and RESOLVE MISMATCH message and select it. 
  4. A new message appears allowing you to enter the correct value. Enter the correct value and press CONFIRM.
  5. Press Save in the upper right corner of the screen to save the new configuration.

This parameter will now sync between the panel and the app.

Watch how to resolve a panel configuration mismatch using the web app.

If you have questions about additional parameters that may not be syncing correctly, contact Support at 1-605-352-8350.