Plant Insights Movement Reminders & Notifications

You'll receive notifications if your pivot has not moved

For Plant Insights to detect crop health issues in your field, your pivot must run, wet or dry. We understand that it's not always practical or possible to move your pivot. However, we won't be able to send reports if the pivot does not move around the field. If you haven’t moved the pivot with Plant Insights cameras for a week, you’ll receive reminders so that you continue to receive critical information about the health of your crops.

Movement Reminders & Notifications

If your pivot hasn’t moved in the past seven days, you will receive the following SMS notification:

*Plant Insights Movement Reminder*
The pivot in field {field name} has not moved around the field enough for us to provide a weekly report. You can run the pivot wet or dry, so Plant Insights can collect enough data to send reports.

You’ll get this notification three days before your scheduled weekly report to give you enough time to run your pivot (with or without irrigating), so Plant Insights can collect enough images to provide you with a helpful, detailed report.

If your pivot hasn’t moved during the week before the report is issued, you will not receive a report. Instead, you’ll receive the following notification:

No Plant Insights report is available this week for field {your field name} due to a lack of pivot movement. Consider running your pivot (wet or dry) so we can provide you with valuable insights and reports.

Power Notifications

Plant Insights needs a reliable power source, so we are always monitoring the connection with the Plant Insights hardware. If there has been a power interruption that lasts 24 hours, we’ll notify you with the following message:

We are not able to connect to Plant Insights hardware in field {your field name}. To receive Plant Insights weekly reports, constant power is required. Consider operating it so we can provide you with weekly insights.

This alert allows you to take immediate action to restore power or address any technical issues that may be affecting the connection.

If you have questions about Plant Insights notifications or if you've received notifications in error, contact our Support team at 1.888.223.0595.