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Weekly Irrigation Reports

Learn how much water is applied to your field each week

Prospera provides helpful information about the amount of water being applied to each field for all of our customers.

Once you start irrigating, you'll receive a personalized irrigation report via email each week. View a sample irrigation report.

Weekly Irrigation Report FAQs

How much does this service cost?

These reports are absolutely free! We want to provide our customers with helpful, valuable data.

I don't want to receive these weekly irrigation report emails. How do I opt out?

You have the option to opt out at any time if you don't find them valuable. To opt out, click the opt-out link at the bottom of the weekly report email or contact Support

My data looks incorrect. Why is it wrong?

We base all of our data and calculations off of your device configurations in the app. It's possible that you need to adjust them because they are out of date. Learn how to update your device configuration.

Can I add more email addresses to receive this report?

We're working on making this happen in the future. In the meantime, we suggest setting up a rule in your email to forward your weekly irrigation report automatically to other people on your team.