What is Prospera & Why Do I See That Name So Much More?

Learn more about why Valley & AgSense customers are seeing "Prospera" in more places

You count on your Valley dealer to help you face growing challenges — from limited water resources to rising costs of inputs and labor. Now your dealer can do that even more effectively, combining the most durable hardware from Valley, proven telemetry and automation from AgSense, and advanced field and crop health monitoring from Prospera, all under one company, Valmont. 

What does that mean for you? 

Much like Valley is the market-leading Valmont company for irrigation solutions, Prospera is the market-leading company for Ag Tech devices and software solutions, including ICON control panels, AgSense telemetry and automation devices, and the software applications that monitor and control them. With two companies leading the market, we are unified in vision and market support.

Prospera will support Valley dealers and growers around the world by delivering innovative agriculture technology that improves crop yield and quality and by providing access to a dedicated team of Ag Tech experts. 

Valmont provides the advantage of being the only company in the world that can help growers use artificial intelligence software to monitor and detect irrigation and crop health issues too difficult to see with the human eye and turn that data into action using remote monitoring and control devices – down to the pivot or pump. 

You can now meet the agricultural challenges of today and the future by adopting new technologies to reduce inputs and increase productivity with the full support you’ve grown to trust from your Valley Dealer.